The Society is committed to bringing together collectors of R. Atkinson Fox  and the many illustrators and artists during the Golden Age of Illustration.  The purpose of the Society is to share information and provide an educational means to learn about the “Golden Age of American Illustration”.   We publish a quarterly newsletter and organize an annual convention.

Our members are diverse, from those who have just started collecting to long time collectors.  Some collect a specific artist and many collect  a wide variety of artists.

The Newsletter:  The newsletter in PDF format is sent by email four  times a year and highlights Society news, newly discovered Fox prints, oils, and “Fox maybes”.  The newsletter includes articles on many of the illustrators and artists during the Golden Age of Illustration.  Articles throughout the year include helpful information on collecting prints; print and frame restoration; and the many formats in which illustrative art is found.  The newsletter is a great resource in learning about the newly discovered Fox artwork.  A member will receive all quarterly PDF formatted newsletters by e-mail whenever joining during the membership year.

The Convention: The Society hosts an annual convention in which participants attend educational seminars, meet and learn from other collectors and have the opportunity to buy or sell hundreds of vintage prints.  Attending the convention is a great way to learn about collecting illustrative art and to add to ones’ collection.  See Convention page to see what it is all about.

The Goals of the Fox Society:

  • To bring together collectors interested in broadening their knowledge of R. Atkinson Fox and his artwork as well as that of other artists during the Golden Age of Illustration
  •  To aid in the preservation of works of art
  • To encourage new collectors
  • To share the common interest in collecting by sharing of ideas and the sharing of art, and to create a climate of friendship and belonging through the quarterly newsletter and annual convention

Any questions, just “contact us”.

Wish to join?  Go to “Join Us” page.