About the Convention

The Early 20th Century Illustration Art Convention

What is it all about?

The convention is normally scheduled to coincide with a major antique show in the local area which gives an additional incentive to attend our wonderful and informative conventions.

We plan a 2-3 day event with lots to do.  Events include social events that provide the opportunity to meet fellow collectors and to ask questions about illustrative art.   There is Buying and Selling in individual rooms which presents a wonderful opportunity to view hundreds (and if you wish, purchase) of prints from the Golden Age of Illustration.  Occasionally original oils are brought to the convention to view and offered for sale.

Informative Presentations include a wide variety of subjects and artists from the Golden Age of Illustration.  There is also an auction of original prints that provides another unique opportunity to find that “one print” or a several prints to add to ones’ collection.

A highlight during the convention  is Show and Tell where everyone is encouraged to bring prints or oils they have purchased,  to tell of unique finds or stories, or just compare  prints.  A final Evening Banquet offers an opportunity to gain lasting friendships.

Following are snap shots of the events featured during  the convention.  Any questions, please contact Russ Salazar, event coordinator- rcsalazar@aol.com

Presentations on R. A. Fox and the many illustrators during the Golden Age of Illustration.  We see a typical room and presenters:  Russ welcoming comments, presention on paintings, Norm’s presentation on J. Ross Bryson.

Show and Tell provides the opportunity to show off original paintings, discuss interesting finds, show nearly discovered Fox prints and “maybes”, and offer informative stories of one’s collecting.






              Social events provides an opportunity to relax, meet fellow collectors and form lasting friendships.





        The Grand Auction– lots of prints to bid on



                  Buy and Selling in Individual Rooms






The final night banquet-


This is what the convention is all about.  Be sure to check out the latest convention.