Are there reproductions of Fox prints?

The answer is yes.  Reproductions of Fox prints (and many other artists) have steadily increased over the years.  Unfortunately a print may have been reproduced and placed inside an old frame, making it difficult to determine if it is indeed an old, original print.

If, when examining the framed print, one can see the back of the actual print, and it is white colored, then the print is most likely a reproduction.  If the cardboard back (and the edges of the print) are visible and dirty, or soiled looking, it is a good indication the print is original.   If the back of the print is covered with a newer covering, then one should become suspicious that the print inside has been recently framed and a reproduction.

Newer reproductions may also be identified by the shiny paper used, the over exaggerated color, and the poor clarity of the image.

Several very common Fox prints have been reproduced:  Romance Canyon, Old Fashioned Garden, Sunrise, June Morn, Daughter of the Incas, Daughter of the Setting Sun, Where Brooks Send Up a Cheerful Tune, and Giant Steps Falls.  With the advent of internet sales, additional Fox reproductions have been observed.  Although, some are truly counterfeits done on purpose, most are sold as reproductions.  Unfortunately, sooner or later, these reproductions tend to show up as “originals” in antique shops, malls and shows.  Many times the seller does not know they are selling a reproduction.

When purchasing a print, it is recommended you ask the seller for a money back guarantee if you determine at a later date that the print is a reprint or recent reproduction.

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